We believe in safe dating!

Welcome to IL2C. We believe in finding love as love is the ultimate companionship. We want to help you in doing so with a safe and transparent environment. is a place where you can meet new friends, make best friends, and even a future partner. We can't be IL2C without you. We are linking people together safely and securely. Together we can help you find that special someone with the utmost confidence in their intentions.

Do you believe happy endings are not just for cinema? And romance is not limited to books? It’s hard to know what your looking for and finding it online shouldn’t be left to chance. We can help find someone to call a partner, lover and friend. Using our special blockchain involved technology, we help you start that spark that leads to your "Happily Ever After."

There is someone out there for everyone, let us safely and securely help both of you meet.

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Blockchain and Dating... singles you can trust!

One major reason: it's safer! We are integrating blockchain verification technology for authenticating users. No "fakes" here! This insures you're more likely to find real people looking for commitment than anywhere else. Our community is built and ready for new members and we already have customer care teams online to help with member queries!

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We are so confident in the safety and security of our platform that by using blockchain technoloy we also have the opportunity to reward users for their behavior! Earn valuable cryptocurrency at all different levels for interacting, meeting, and socializing across the globe!


IL2C About Us page

Every relationship requires transparency and honesty from both parties. Blockchain is the perfect tool! We ensure accurate user profile representation through verification processes and additional details that give incentives for good behaviour. The end result is a transparent ecosystem that ease the fear of fraud from dishonest users while protecting the real ones.

We are also revolutionizing the way online dating works by gamifying the process to further ensure that everyone has a perfect relationship. The platform rewards users for doing commendable acts by using tokens and cryptocurrencies.

For example, users can be allocated a quantity of tokens to add more profile data resulting in a more accurate match or ensure validity of the profile. But this also means that users can be punished for breaking hearts or lying, we will discourage this behavior from the very start!